Buying a harp

First decide exactly what it is that you want to buy, by exploring this website thoroughly and by talking about it to anyone you can find who knows about harps.  There is not much point buying a little Telyneg if you are looking for window-rattling volume, but it might be just the thing if you will mainly be playing solo for your own amusement.  What kind of music do you want to play?  What range do you want, or need?  And so on.  You will never be happy with your harp if you buy an inappropriate one.

Next, order it.  You will have to talk to me about this.  I do not hold a stock of harps.  Every instrument is made to order, to the exact requirements of the individual customer.  Much is fixed, in the pattern of each harp, but there is a lot of room for manoeuvre in terms of colour, ornamentation and so on.  I ask for a 10% deposit at the time of ordering.

Then, I’m afraid, comes the wait.  Depending on the model you choose, it can take me anything from several weeks to several months to build your harp.  I would like to be faster, but many of the processes involved can not be rushed or the finished product would suffer.  I will give you an estimated delivery date when you order.  During the time it takes me to build the harp, I may ask for a stage payment to cover materials - hardwoods and veneers to my specifications are not cheap.

The balance of the payment will then be due on delivery.  If you would like me to ship your harp, it will of course be necessary to add the cost of custom-building a crate and the cost of the carrier.  Pembrokeshire is a great place for a holiday - why not spend the money on a short break down here instead, and collect your harp before you go home?

My current prices will be found on the Celtic or triples ‘catalogue’ pages.