other services

We occasionally have harps, usually Telynegs, available for hire.  Hiring a harp is the ideal way for a novice to gain a little experience of the instrument before committing to the (relatively) major expense of actually buying a harp.  Get in touch with me to find out current availability - contact details on the home page.  I charge £30 per month to hire a harp, plus an initial charge of £10 to cover insurance for up to one year.  If you then decide to order your own harp, I will deduct 50% of the hire fee from the purchase price of the new instrument, up to a maximum £90 deduction.


I undertake repairs of all kinds on all types of harps, not just  harps I have made.  This includes pedal (classical) harps.  I can fit new necks, soundboards, and soundboxes.   I will undertake insurance work.  Obviously, the charge will depend on the nature and scale of the repair.  I am happy to discuss your requirements, and I am always willing to have a look at the harp - all my contact details are on the home page.


It can be difficult to decide where repair shades off into restoration.  Again, I will undertake restoration work on any kind of harp from any maker, including pedal harps.  With this kind of work it is generally necessary to see the harp before committing to an estimate of cost or the duration of the work, and economical restoration is sometimes simply not possible.  This is work that needs discussion on an individual basis.


All harps benefit from occasional servicing.  Tuning pins can be removed, cleaned, re-blued and oiled.  Bridge pins can be removed, cleaned and re-lacquered.  Semitone levers need different treatment according to make, including cleaning, re-lacquering, oiling and adjustment.  Pedal harps can be re-felted and regulated.  Tell me what you want doing, and we can discuss the details.

used harps

Used harps are occasionally available, though I do not have anything resembling a stock.  Sometimes a previous client may wish to ‘upgrade’ to a larger harp, or a learner may decide not to continue learning.  If you are interested in acquiring a used harp, get in touch and I will make a note of what you are after.  That way, if an appropriate harp comes my way, I will know who might have an interest in it.


I make hard cases from quarter-inch ply.  These are then lined with foam pieces cut to take the harp.  Cases can be stained, polished or painted according to the customer’s requirements.  Larger models are fitted with handles and wheels.

I do not supply soft covers, but a local maker of surfboard covers has supplied good-quality covers to my specification.

Prices of cases and covers vary according to exactly what you want.