Triple harps

Here are the triple harps which I make to my own unique design, as I described on the ‘Harps’ introductory page.  Colour, decoration and other details are always a matter for individual discussion.  To download a larger version of either of the images on this page, click it.  The label next to the picture gives the size of the downloadMy current price list for triple harps is at the end of this page.

The ANGHOF has 81 strings and stands 62 inches high (155 cm).  Its range is fifth octave F to first octave G.  It is the product of a relatively recent re-design: the specification worked out with a customer produced a unique model which I have continued to produce.  Its smaller size (and therefore greater portability) have made it very popular, and it still, of course, has a lovely sound.

A student model is available at reduced cost.  This is stained and polished, but not carved


The GWAUN has 89 strings and stands 73 inches high (182 cm).  Apart from its slightly smaller size, it is identical in appearance to the CLEDDAU, the largest harp I make, which has 96 strings and stands 76 inches high (190 cm).  This is why there is only one photo (actually a Gwaun) - the two are indistinguishable in photographs.The Gwaun has a range of sixth octave C to first ocatve G , and the Cleddau has a range of sixth octave A to first octave A.


Triple harp prices:

(with full set of strings)



Anghof student






Gwaun / Cleddau