Alun Thomas - Harpmaker

Welcome to my home page.  This page serves as an introduction to myself and to the layout of the site.  Find out more by clicking the links in the following text, or the versions of them in the column to the left.

The Harps

I make two types of harp.  My Celtic harps are gut-strung, of variable size between twenty-two and thirty-six strings, ranging from small instruments that can be played on the knee to large harps that stand over five feet tall.  The triple harp is a uniquely Welsh instrument.  It has two outer sets of strings tuned diatonically in unison, with a third set between the first two to supply the semitones.  A brief introduction to the two types will be found under Harps.

Telyneg - my smallest harp
Carving the scroll Other services

Although I am principally a harp builder, I also offer other services: I hire out, repair, service and restore harps of all types.  Occasionally I am able to supply used instruments.  Harp cases are available to order.

Some clients like soundboard decoration...

Here you can find information about ordering, paying, delivery and so on.  My current prices are on the Celtic and triples ‘catalogue’ pages.  We can ship to any part of the world, or you can collect your harp in person from the workshop.

Discussing details with a client

It can be nice to know who you are dealing with.  I have been making harps since 1975 in the workshop founded by my father in the depths of the Welsh countryside.  Find out more about the firm if you wish.


My address is Alun L. Thomas, 11 Heol Cleddau, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire SA65 9JP, Wales, GB.  My telephone number is +44 (0)1348 875596.  You can email me at

Work in progress...

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